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CryptoSlate Wrapped Daily: Silvergate and Genesis layoffs; Mango exploiter detained

Cryptoslate 05 Jan 2023
In response to the crisis, Silvergate laid off approximately 200 employees — 40% of its staff — and announced plans to “pare back its businesses,” according to The Wallstreet Journal. Genesis sacks 30% of workers, may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Google plans major expansion in New York City: WSJ

Metro USA 08 Nov 2018
Google is planning to expand its New York City office buildings to add space that could accommodate more than 12,000 new workers, according to a report from The WallStreet Journal ... The company announced last year that they were searching for a location to a second headquarters that would eventually hold 50,000 workers.

Bitcoin [BTC] influencers discuss an apt payment method for the cryptocurrency

AMB Crypto 13 Oct 2018
A group of popular Bitcoin influencers, namely Jimmy Song and Tone Vays took to Twitter to share their opinions on using Bitcoin as a method of payment ... The tweet read. ... 1. Spend with your credit card with no debt on it. 2 ... “Thats right folks ... Tone Vays, the Bitcoin maximalist, and a former Wallstreet worker also spared his opinion on the issue.

Here Comes Empire State Manufacturing...

Business Insider 15 Dec 2014
The December Empire State manufacturing report from the New York Federal Reserve is set for release at the bottom of the hour. Expectations are for the reading to come in at 12, up from 10.2 reading. Last month's report came in below expectations ... OR ... ... Bulls on Wallstreet. 2 As workers are devalued, many need multiple jobs to make a middle-class wage ... .

Ray Dalio Is Bullish ... For Now

Business Insider 15 Dec 2014
Screenshot via YouTubeRay Dalio. Ray Dalio is warning that a dynamic capitalism is based on is crumbling ... But right now, we're in the good part of the cycle. "Now, I think it's a good environment," Dalio said ... And then we hit zero. Then what? ... OR ... Loading ... ... Bulls on Wallstreet. 2 As workers are devalued, many need multiple jobs to make a middle-class wage.

Are banks too big to fail or are CEO's too stupid to learn?

The Examiner 14 May 2012
This is part of the problem and part of the reason why occupy wallstreet protested in front of Bank of America. When a common worker does something that is stupid and sloppy, they lose their jobs.

Judge OKs $410M settlement for Bank of America

Yahoo Daily News 07 Nov 2011
Class Action lawsuits for monetary purposes SUCK!  •   •  33 minutes ago According to Koch and all the super rich it is those darn teachers, firemen, policemen, factory workers and their unions that are destroying this country.

Occupy Wallstreet infiltrated by paid protester?

The Examiner 11 Oct 2011
Let's be realistic, if certain corporations for example were to support the movement and were to sponsor it by sponsoring their workers to go protest in support of Occupy Wallstreet, I don't see how this would be a bad thing.

Banks and debit card fees: Not too big to gouge

Seattle Times 30 Sep 2011
One of the ironies of the big banks, led by Bank of America, planning to on debit-card use is that they spent years trying to "migrate" customers from tellers and brick-and-mortar branches to electronic transactions. The reason. They could pad profit margins by closing branches and laying off tellers ... .. Robert Reich ... workers . ... Wallstreeter ... .

What do you think of the Centro fare increase? A public hearing is scheduled Wednesday

Syracuse 08 Mar 2011
13207 March 08, 2011 at 6.19PM Follow. Terrible. I've posted enough essays on this site about Centro already, hopefully one of those idiots was paying attention. Inappropriate? Alert us ... public ... Well said ... I am talking about centro workers not the over paid slobs on wallstreet that make money selling OUR money! a-holes! Inappropriate? Alert us.


Newsvine 18 Feb 2011
You can complain about a $4000 bonus for GM workers and not ONE SOUL raised a finger when just (ONE) Wallstreet Exec walked away with the same amount ...

Welcome to a changing city

Omaha World-Herald 02 May 2008
BY JOE RUFF. WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER ... A temporary showroom at 12th and Cass Streets, west of the Qwest Center, contains furnished spaces representative of rooms that will be available in luxury condominiums at WallStreet Tower Omaha ... Workers are dismantling Union Pacific's former headquarters floor-by-floor to make way for the WallStreet Tower ... .
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